SLEEPER / Bunkhouse Coach

Sleeping 25 on this Rig Seating for 39


      Built as per request of a Company who hires out to transport sports teams all over the eastern states 
Built with a new 780 model Volvo
HUGE rear all steel cargo bay with drop down ramp for easy roll in of Big sports trunks 
ALL constructed from 1/8 inch STEEL plate and coated with a tough pickup bed liner material 
Large rear cargo bay doors 
MORE storage on the rh side just rearward of entry door 
Steel interior entry steps stationary design 
Additional flip down for roll in trunk loading 
Standard two tone paint design 
Extra roof A/C units for lots of people in hot weather 
Longer rear hang than our standard coaches to accommodate HUGE rear cargo design 
 Live tracking satellite dish feeding 3 different channels to choose from on the 30+ TV,s inside one for each bunk and larger LCD TV,S in each of the lounge areas of the rig 
13,500 watt Kabota diesel generator remote liquid cooled ( easy to maintain and work on in our steel bay ) 
2800 watt inverter and shore power cord bay
80 Gal fresh water tank with heaters and level sensor system
Oasis diesel fired boiler system for heat zones we build ALL weather rigs for hot or cold 
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