SLEEPER / Bunkhouse Coach

Sleeping 25 on this Rig Seating for 39


      We can design a sleeper rig to accommodate and seat huge numbers of people ( Our designs allow several separated areas so some can sleep while others watch tv ect VERY VERY VERSATILE the only way to FLY 
Cab Coaches lounge area for meetings on the road 
Diver separation for nighttime driving 
2 fold down upper bunks in cab area with a TV for game tape review 
Entry door on your right looking into the cab area of the rig 
Custom dinette booth that changes into two lower beds with the dedicated upper bunk above 
Booth down creating two beds 
We do 3 and 4 stack bunks made from TOUGH REAL HARDWOOD for big guys 
3 bunk stack design folds and changes into seating we can seat as many as 40 people in out rigs and allow 10 to sleep while the 39 are seated VERY VERY VERSATILE RIGS 
Bunks are heavy duty 
Cab area sofa makes down into a bed 
 Cab area sofa very comfortable 
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