Custom Ultra Line Coach

We have been working hard for over a year now designing and developing
               the new Ultra Coach line here at Powerhouse . This line offers a wide body
 with 3 hydraulic slide out rooms , R-10 wall & R-25 floor & ceiling
insulation   ( one of the highest in the industry) .
    This new triple slide is HUGE  with an UNMATCHED 378 square feet of top quality. 
Luxury & Convenience at an UNBEATABLE PRICE 
Our living room slide is huge at 16 feet long and 3 feet deep ( 48 sq ft )
Outside under the awnings enjoy a refrigerator roll out 27 inch Tv with
DVD / VCR and a roll out barbecue grill even a propane camp fire
Only from Powerhouse a hydraulics car lift so you can tow almost any 
vehicle without setting it up special for towing 
( how much does it cost you every time you trade tow vehicles and tow bars )
Now you see it now you don't at the push of a button, this very versatile lift can be setup as a rear deck for motorcycles or what ever you need to haul or carry rated extended at (  3500 lb. lift & 7800 lb. towing )
You just don't find these kind of custom features any where else
ONLY from Powerhouse Yes that is a full size 3/4 ton pickup
We use lots of custom special effect pearl base coat clear coat paints
What do you want guarding your life a pane of glass in a bus or diesel 
pusher or 5 feet of  12 inch frame rail and a HUGE engine up front
 ( Unlike other truck conversions ), a Powerhouse Coach is very streamlined and aerodynamic.  We make truck chassis coaches that look the way they should ( not like a Snap On tool truck with a bed over the roof )
 With the Powerhouse vehicle towing unit you can take what ever you need for a tow vehicle 
 Our Car Tow System Can Be Used To Haul & Or Carry Most Anything 
 A Powerhouse Coach With Our Car Tow Sytem Is The MOST Flexible 
& Safest Towing Luxury Coach You will Ever Find 
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PowerHouse Coach has been building custom motor coaches since 1998.
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