Custom Motor Home

This is our QUAD slide NEW for 2007 Enjoy 400 Square Feet of HIGH
 powered luxury that will out pull out stop & out handle & out last ANY regular RV
    This new QUAD slide is HUGE  with an UNMATCHED 400 sq feet of TOP quality.
 Luxury & Convenience at an UNBEATABLE PRICE 
Custom Motor Home Upgraded to a full body pearlecent paint and custom stripe package 
Customized Coach with Full Body Paint Option Includes Painting & Striping Slide Outs 
Another Powerhouse Exclusive - 8500 watts of A/C Power From Our 
Engine Driven generator Providing Power Even @ Idle 
Oasis constant hot water heating system via this diesel boiler 
Exclusive LATERAL DRIVE for effortless parking
2 Ton basement A/C very quiet works great with Powerhouse Insulation
DOUBLE most RV,s With R-30 roof R-10 walls R-35 floor
Our LARGE  STURDY STEPS  ( don't give up living space with steps)
Check out our 40 Inch LCD Outside Entertainment System Built In 
8  Cameras for Security Backup & automatic lane changing feature 
 Radar side sensor also monitors your Rh lane for Safety
 ( Unlike other truck conversions ), a Powerhouse Coach is very stream lined quiet and aerodynamic we make truck chassis coaches that look the way they should ( not like a Snap On tool truck with a bed over the roof )
 Automatic sewer Hose with ALL you hookups in One location 
 Power 50 amp cord reel with lighting in All storage bays 
 LOTS of Storage Made with 1/8 Steel & coated with DURABLE 
Pickup bed liner for a clean TOUGH Storage Areas
Custom set up YOUR Luxury Coach to make life EASY & FUN 
CUSTOM CUSTOM CUSTOM  that's Powerhouse
Radar collision Warning that also overrides your cruse control to safely
slow you down when a vehicle is in front of you & with the engine up
front where it belongs you have more than a pain of glass to protect you
15 Liter Cummins ISX 500 HP         EASY Engine access & SAFETY 
( do you really want a Mechanic working in your BEDROOM ) 
Kabota Diesel in OUR 1/8 Steel box EASY Access Super Quiet
Custom painting - each Powerhouse is one of a kind 
Our Luxury Motor Coaches cut the air So well, They are UNBELIEVABLE QUIET
Note the nice clean Roof line without the A/C on Top
SAFETY  STYLE  LUXURY  DURABILITY   ( it just makes sense )
12 Inches of ground clearance + 5 more with our off road option 
Lateral Drive Picks Rear Ends Up & Moves Coach Sideways
Great Outside Entertainment Package ( Now This Is Tail Gating ) 
40 Inch HDTV With Satellite Feed DVD & Gaming Hookups
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