Custom Coach Inspection Report

                                 Powerhouse Coach Truck Inspection Report                                  1 of 5

Inspecting Shop Name Address Phone _____________________________________________

Shop Foreman__________________________ Mechanic______________________________ 

Year______________ Make_____________ Model___________Vin_____________________

Color_____________ Miles_____________ Engine  ECM______________________________


Engine Brake   yes  /  no                      3 stage         yes  /   no 

Rear Ends Model__________________ Ratio_______________Differential Lock    yes  /   no

Steering Wheel & Horn Buttons     worn   /   torn   /   broken   / okey        Tilt      yes  /   no 

Telescoping Steering Column    yes / no     Cruse Control   yes / no       factory / after market 

Power Window   Driver   yes / no Operating   yes / no   Passenger yes / no Operating yes / no

Power Mirrors Driver   yes / no         In - Out - Up - Down        Operating Correctly   yes / no

Power Mirrors Pass  yes / no         In - Out - Up - Down        Operating Correctly   yes / no

Power Door Locks   yes / no      Radio     am /  fm   /   xm   /    cassette    /    cd    /    changer

Windshield    cracked  / pitted / stars / broken / good   Windshield  Wiper  Operation   yes / no

Storage In Cab Above Dash  broken  /  good   Gages   full  /   partial   Operating   yes  /  no 

Dash     cracked   /   broken   /   drilled   /   modified    /   good       LCD Screen      bad   /   good

Seat Driver Air   yes / no / worn / torn  / burned  / good    Material   cloth  /  vinyl  /   leather 

Seat Passenger Air   yes  /  no  /  worn  /   torn  / burned  / good    Material cloth / vinyl / leather 

Air Conditioning   warm  /  cold   / none   All  Controls & Switches    missing / broken / okey

Air Conditioning Vents   broken  /  good   Firewall Diagnostic Unit Indicates   problem /okey


Radar Driver Warning System    yes   /   no       Operating Correctly      yes / no        2 of 5

Floor Mat   yes / no         worn /   torn  / good       Carpet   yes / no     worn   /   torn   / good 

Door Panels     cracked   /  broken  /  worn  /  torn  /  good   Door Weatherstrips   torn / good 

Interior Color _____________ Interior   fabric  / vinyl / leather   Overall Condition poor / good 

Front Bumper   fiberglass / chrome / steel painted   / broken  /   cracked  /   bent  /  pitted  / good

Lower Air Dam     broken  /   cracked   /   missing   /   good

Running Lights   yes   / no      Broken    yes   /   no   Working    yes   /   no 

Fog Lights     yes   /   no       Broken     yes   /    no     Working    yes   /   no

Headlights      pitted    /   faded   /   cracked    /   broken   / good        Working       yes   /   no

Signal Lights Front & Sides pitted  /   faded  /  cracked  /  broken  /  good   Working   yes /   no

Grill       pitted    /   cracked   /    broken   /   good 

Marker Lights   Working     yes   /   no 

Tail-Brake-Turn-Backup Broken      yes   /   no            Working        yes   /   no

Hood     pitted   /   cracked   /   broken / good        Hood   Release       broken   /   good

Doors       dings   /   dents   /   good _________________________________________________

Mirror Glass    delaminated   / broken /  good  Mirror Covers & Trims   faded / broken / good

Cab & Sleeper   dings   / dents  / good     Side Skirting     yes  /  no    cracked  /  broken  /  good

Flaring Top  yes / no / cracked  / broken / good  Flaring Sides  yes / no/ cracked / broken / good 

Frame   steel / aluminum    Welded or Modified   yes / no      Wheelbase_________________

Engine Steam Cleaned  yes / no  Signs Of Oil Leaks  yes  /  no Oil Condition new / old / low 

Fan Clutch Working  yes / no 


Engine Brake Upon Test Drive Working Properly    yes   /   no    strong   /  weak          3 of 5

Radiator Condenser & Air To Air    leaking   /   cracked   /   dirty   /   good

Coolant Condition   dirty  /  low  /   good         Coolant  DCA  Level_____________________

Exhaust   single   / duel     Condition   leaking / cracked / good

Fuel Tanks Skirted  yes / no / single / duel / steel / alum / need polished Capacity___________

Clutch , Clutch  Brake & Throughout Bearing  worn / good  Adjustment Needed   yes   /   no 

Front Axle Capacity______________ King Pins   worn / tight    Tie Rods   worn   /   tight

Drag Link   worn  /  tight  Power Steering  yes / no Steering Box  worn / tight  Leaks  yes / no

Test Drive Any Alignment , Pulling Problems Or Cupped Steer Tires     yes / no 

Break Lining Lh Front %_______________Break Lining Rh Front % _________________

Air Cans & Air Lines  leaking / worn / good         Slack  Adjusters     worn / tight 

Plastic Front Inner Fenders    Cracked  /   broken / good    Transmission Steamed   yes / no 

Transmission Oil  dirty / clean / low / needs service   Oil Leaks   yes / no    Sinthetic yes / no

Drive Lines , Slip Yokes , U Joints , Carrier Bearings    1st Drive Line   loose / worn / tight

2nd Drive Line   loose / worn / tight    3rd Drive Line   loose / worn / tight 

Any Damaged Drive Line Tubes   yes / no    Test Drive Any Vibration   yes  /  no 

Front Differential Steam Cleaned  yes / no   Oil  dirty / low / clean / needs serviced

Synthetic   yes / no   Oil Leaks  yes / no  Play In Through Shaft Or Drive line Yokes  yes / no

Brake Linings  Front Differential Lh %_________________ Rh  %____________________

Air Cans & Air Lines Front Differential leaking / worn / good   Slack Adjusters  worn / tight

Front  Differential  Track  Bar , Air  Leaf  Bushings , & Center Bolts    loose / broken / tight


Rear Differential Steam Cleaned   yes   /   no   Oil   dirty  /  low  /  needs service  / okey  4 of 5

Synthetic   yes / no  Oil Leaks yes / no    Play In Input Shaft Or Drive Line Yoke   yes / no

Break Linings Rear Differential Lh %___________________Rh%_____________________

Air Cans & Air Lines Rear Differential   leaking / worn / good   Slack Adjusters  worn / tight 
Rear Differential Track Bar  ,   Air Leaf Bushing  , & Center Bolts     loose / broken / tight

 Steer Lh  Wheel    steel / alum /  pitted / bent / cracked    Needs Polished   yes   /   no 

 Steer Lh Tire Tread %__________ Brand_____________Ply__________  Retread   yes / no

Steer Rh Wheel    steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked      Needs Polished    yes  /   no

Steer  Rh  Tire Tread % _________Brand____________Ply__________  Retread   yes  /  no

Front Driver  Lh Wheel Inner steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no

Front Driver  Lh Tire Inner % ______Brand_________Ply__________ Retread  yes  /   no

Front Driver  Rh Wheel Inner steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no

Front Driver  Rh Tire Inner % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread  yes  /  no

Front Driver Lh  Wheel Outer  steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no 

Front Driver Lh  Tire Outer % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread   yes  /  no

Front Driver Rh  Wheel Outer  steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no

Front Driver Rh  Tire Outer % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread   yes  /  no

Rear Driver Lh Wheel Inner steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked    Needs Polished  yes / no

Rear Driver Lh Tire Inner % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread yes  /   no

Rear Driver Rh Wheel Inner steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked    Needs Polished  yes / no

Rear Driver  Rh Tire Inner % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread   yes  /   no

Rear Driver Lh Wheel Outer  steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no 

Rear Driver Lh Tire Outer % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread  yes  /  no

                                                                                                                                            5 of 5
Rear Driver Rh Wheel Outer  steel / alum / pitted / bent / cracked  Needs Polished  yes / no

Rear Driver Rh Tire Outer % ______Brand_________Ply__________Retread   yes  /  no

Air Leaks yes / no      Description________________________________________________

Batteries Load Test & Inspect    fail / weak / corroded connections / tests good 

Starting   Motor   heavy amp draw / poor connections / solenoid problem  / tests good 

Air Cleaner & Intake System     cracked   /   dirty filter needs replaced   /   good 

Turbo Air To Air & Crossover Tube, Hoses , & Clamps  cracked  / signs of leakage  /  good

Water Pump , Seals , & Hoses    cracked  /  weathered  /  signs of leakage  /  shaft play  /  good 
Belts, Idler, belt , pulleys , & Belt Tensioner   cracked / worn / loose / needs replacement

Engine   smoke / runs rough / misses / noisy / runs good and smooth 

Air Compressor & Governor  worn / pumping oil  / bad governor / good 

Please Attach    (   FULL  )     Dyno Report To Include  oil pressure / boost pressure

coolant temp / fuel temp / fuel volume / rpm / horsepower / crank case pressure / blow by

Oil Sample Report     engine  /  transmission  /  front differential  /   rear differential




Mechanic Signature____________________________________ Date ___________________

Shop Foreman Signature _______________________________ Date ___________________ 

Back to Standard Coach Prices



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