Powerhouse Coach Owners

Powerhouse Coach has coach owners located in several parts of the 
United States along with demo's units continually traveling across the country. 
Seethe  traveling demo's page. 
Put us to the test.  Locate an owner near you to look first hand at a Powerhouse Luxury MotorCoach or Toter truck.
You really need to go for ride in one these amazing units to appreciate the difference between a Powerhouse and all the rest. 
You owe it to yourself to see how far your factory direct dollar can go at Powerhouse. 
Own something special that was designed and built for you the way you want it, a one of a kind 
           Something unique you can be proud of ! 
Powerhouse Factory
 2901 East 14th North
Idaho Falls, Idaho 83401
Contact: Doug Tolbert President
Powerhouse Coach Inc.
Fax 208-525-8292

Please contact a satisfied owner near you for more information 
and arrange to take a ride in one of these luxury motorcoaches or a Toter Truck

 Motor Coach Owner      Rock Wall Texas 
 Arrange to meet  Chuck Hughes 

 Toter  Truck Owner     Phoenix Arizona 
 Arrange to meet  Andy Dobson 

 Motor Coach Owner      Wheat land Wyoming 
 Arrange to meet  Butch Terrell 

 Motor Coach Owner               Knoxville , TN 
 Arrange to meet  Martin Keller 

 Motor Coach Owner    San Antonio Texas 
 Arrange to meet  Mike Walser 

 Motor Coach Owner      Bedford Texas 
 Arrange to meet  Henry Lagro 
 Motor Coach Owner      Omaha Nebraska 
 Arrange to meet  Jim Preston 
Motor Coach Owner       Las Vegas Nevada 
 Arrange to meet  Terry Hunt 

Motor Coach Owner       Fort Myers Florida 
 Arrange to meet   Andy Steele 

Motor  Coach Owner       Ogden Utah
 Arrange to meet   Denny Petersen 

Garage  Coach Owner       San Antonio Texas 
 Arrange to meet   Bill Gold