Powerhouse Coach TESTIMONIALS

My name is Joel Trane, I am the owner of Tranes Diesel Repair in Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have been working as a diesel mechanic for 15 years. My work experience and credentials are as follows:  2 years at Lake City International in Salt Lake City, Utah;  5 years at Smith Detroit Allison in Salt Lake City, Utah;  1.5 years at Freightliner Idaho Falls, Idaho, and have been operating my own business for the past 5 years.  During my 13.5 year career I have worked on and repaired everything from heavy mining equipment, over the road trucks, pickups, automobiles and RV's of all types including Prevost buses, diesel pushers and class C gas motor homes.

The repair issues to these RV's have consisted of many major engine and transmission failures, most of which are at surprisingly low miles, to numerous overheating/cooling system problems. The trouble behind these problems is the base chassis being to light with the engine placed in the rear where they are VERY tough to work on, even minor repairs and maintenance such as a fuel filter or fuel pump can be an ordeal. There are so many times that the engine access on the pusher RV's must be from inside a nice plush interior with the bed pulled up.  Compare it to working on a diesel engine in your living room after covering everything with plastic.  This type of RV repair work is very expensive because of all the extra work and precautions that must be taken.
When these type of motor homes pull up to the shop my crew tries hard to find something else to keep them busy.

My business is located right next to a major truck stop and we repair all makes of class 8 semi trucks.  These vehicles are made to provide literally millions of miles of service.  When they do need repairs the hood is dumped forward and everything can easily be inspected and repaired.    Because of the huge number of trucks on the road, parts are always available and competitively priced eg: a cam shaft for a Detroit series 60 is right at $200 where a cam for a small block chevy may cost you more than that.  The major components found in heavy trucks are not brand oriented eg: you will find a Cummings or Detroit engine in a Volvo,  KW, Peterbuilt or Freightliner. 

At Tranes Diesel we have done many inspections, oil changes and A/C charges for Powerhouse and in my professional opinion have found them to be a very well built, high quality coach.  A class 8 truck chassis coach is superior in every way to any other type of RV I have ever worked on.

A semi truck under a Powerhouse Coach does not even know it is working . I think that any repair shop around the country would be glad to offer you service to your Powerhouse Coach, I know my crew would .

Sincerely Joel Trane
683 East Iona Road
Idaho Falls, ID 83401